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Jumpstarting A Weak Car Battery Is Easy But Risky

Jumpstarting A Weak Car Battery Is Easy But Risky

Make sure the two batteries have the same voltage, 12 volts. Position the two cars as close as possible so that you can connect the jumper cable to the two batteries. However, don’t let the car touch because it can allow a short circuit. Turn off all vehicle loads such as lights, air conditioning, and audio. Make sure the two vehicles are in the position of the neutral shift lever or Park if the transmission is automatic, then pull the hand brake. Additionally, click here to check out the best jumper cables.

If the car battery is really weak until it can’t crank at all, then it’s best to jump in with ground assistance from the engine. How to connect a positive cable, usually red, to the head of the battery positive on both batteries. Do not let the clamp contact the ground of the car because it can cause sparks. Keep away from fuel lines and moving objects such as fan belts.

If the battery can still be cranking but is rather weak, it is usually enough to rely on the ground of the battery itself. The way for the positive cable is the same as the previous method, but the difference is in the negative cable which can be directly connected to the negative of the two batteries.

Don’t use this method to a battery that is already very weak, because errors like this can cause the battery to explode because it will trigger hydrogen gas directly into the battery.

Now it’s time for the car starter to have a good battery and leave it stationary for 5 minutes, the goal is to charge a weak battery. Then try a vehicle starter that has a weak battery. If it can’t live, don’t be forced. Turn off the two car engines and check the jumper cable clamps on the battery head and ground it perfectly, then try again. Wait 15 seconds to ensure that the engine isn’t dead.

The process of removing the cable starts the negative cable from the vehicle that has a weak battery, then release the negative cable for a good battery. Then remove the positive cable from the donor car, not to get grounded on both cars. Finally, release the positive cable from the weak battery.

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