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Posted by on Apr 21, 2018 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

It’s The First Way You Can Do When Your Credit Card Is Missing

It’s The First Way You Can Do When Your Credit Card Is Missing

Keeping your credit card is important and you should always do it. Because a credit card is your responsibility with the bank. If lost, then it could be you will be charged while using the card is not you. So, being careful in every transaction is a must. But before, usually, you will be required to register the credit card in the bank to have it. Now, even you can apply for credit card registration at to make it easier and faster.

However, you should always be aware of all the bad possibilities that will happen, such as loss or theft. If you experience it, then there are some ways you should use it as a first aid.

– Immediately report to the bank
You should immediately report it to the bank that issued the card. Do not delay and ask the bank to block the card. usually, the bank will ask some information about the cardholder, such as the card number, validity period and so on. You do not get wrong to answer all the questions given. And you should be able to ascertain whether there is a transaction that occurs after the card is lost from your hand.

– Report to the police
After reporting to the bank, then immediately to report to the police. It aims to get the proof of lost card. this is because banks usually ask for a letter of loss from the police station.

– Close the credit card
After the two ways you do, then ask the bank to close the lost credit card. this aims to prevent the transaction that does not cool on the credit card. You should also remember the date of the card until the card is closed.

– Ask for a new credit card
After the old credit card is closed, ask the card-issuing bank to create a new credit card. Usually, the bank will verify your personal data and create a new card. Pay attention to what documents you should submit to smooth the process.

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