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Posted by on Jun 26, 2019 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Is It True That Farting In Florida Is A Crime?

Is It True That Farting In Florida Is A Crime?

A fart can sometimes be arrested and sometimes can’t. However, what if there is a city that forbids residents from farting as they say in this city. The more we travel, the more knowledge and insight we get. Including, knowledge of countries that have rules and are strange in the world. You could say it’s far and unreasonable, but regulations are still something that must be obeyed indiscriminately. Therefore, before you make a vacation plan for Key West Things To do in Florida, perhaps you should know more about the regulations in this state.

One of the rules and prohibitions that is considered strange by a traveler, is in Florida, the State of the United States with the capital Tallahassee. There is a ban: it is prohibited to fart in public places after 6:00 on Thursday.

Some sites and traveling forums have reviewed the matter of these regulations. Many do not believe, but there are also many comments that explain that the ban is true. There are also those who comment, not to be bothered, the name farting in public places is not good.

The French District website (the French community in the US), has also reviewed strange rules in Uncle Sam’s country. One of them which is considered unreasonable is, of course, the regulation, why is it prohibited to fart after 6:00 p.m.? Maybe the answer, because it’s late, sorry for the person who is resting. So why is it only on Thursday?

Speaking of farting, it turned out that there was a ‘bloody’ incident because of this in Florida in 2015 yesterday. A woman in the Port St Lucie area was arrested by local authorities for molesting her husband, elbowed and looked at her because the husband farted on the bed at dawn.

The woman then drove her husband away. The husband admitted, when the air was ‘clean’ and he wanted to go back to sleep, his wife hit him again. After that, he phoned the police and his wife were detained by the police for abuse.

The official website of the State of Florida released information on all regulations from A to Z in Florida. But the results are nil, there are no rules regarding the fart ban.

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