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Posted by on Jul 15, 2018 in General | 0 comments

Identify some of the materials that are often used on blankets

Identify some of the materials that are often used on blankets

There must be various furniture in your room. one of the very useful furniture in the room was the duvet. Quality blankets can certainly provide a sense of comfort for you and your family while sleeping. In fact, when summer comes, you will still use a comfortable blanket. You should be able to get the best comforter for summer for a comfortable summer season with a comfortable duvet.

Before choosing a comfortable blanket for you in summer, you need to know in advance what materials are usually used in making blankets. Some of the ingredients that are normally used to make a quilt are


– Wool
Wool has been used as the main material blanket hundreds of years ago. Many people choose this material because it is able to keep the body warm, especially when winter arrives. Although much-loved, this wool blanket also has shortcomings, which is easier to shrink when washed. However, do not worry, you can still handle it by using cold water and a small washer rotation.

– Cotton
In addition to wool, cotton is also a prima donna material main blanket. Its smooth, soft, and durable nature make many people choose a cotton blanket to accompany their sleep. Cotton blankets usually have a more attractive look. Just like wool, cotton also has a tendency to easily shrink when washed. That’s why you are advised to wash the cotton blanket at least once a month, also try to dry it in the shade.

– Fleece
Fleece material is the result of recycling of plastic packaging or can also come from synthetic materials. In general, the fleece material feels light and the price is more affordable. Unfortunately, this material tends to fade more easily when washed.

– Fur
Fur-covered blankets provide a soft and warm sensation when worn. Mostly, feathered blankets have thick volumes, but they are not too heavy. Unfortunately, feather material tends to be more easily removed and not infrequently easy to fly materials.

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