Hunting Is Still A Popular Sport In These Countries

Trophy hunting is hunting that is usually carried out by rich people to hunt down the strong, fierce, and largest animal among their group. After being killed, the parts of the animal are then taken as trophies, such as heads, tusks, canines, and another memento. In the meantime, if you are a beginner hunter, perhaps you want to learn what is a spotting scope to find your target faster.

This sport is of course a long controversy, especially opposition from environmentalists and activists, but hunting as a sport is still being carried out in the following countries, such as:

Zimbabwe is Cecil’s final resting place

Cecil the lion is not the first to fall victim to the hunt. The population of lions in Zimbabwe is estimated at 1,680, half of which have been victims of hunting during the last 10 years until 2009. The hunters who kill the lions and then become trophies are mostly not from Zimbabweans themselves but foreign tourists who have a lot of money to pay for hunting permits.

North America hunted wild lions

The forests and plains of North America are home to several species of forest lion, such as the panther, cougar, and puma. In several North American states such as Utah, Colorado, and Washington, it is still legal to combat this beast. Washington State does have regulations regarding protected animals, namely the eastern cougar and panther Florida, but unfortunately, these two species are extinct. Despite the controversy, these states are applying to increase the maximum quota of animals being hunted because they want to increase the local deer population.

Hunting in South Africa to pay for conservation

The biggest hunting business in Africa is in South Africa, where every year around 260 wild animals are legally killed by foreign tourists. The money earned from tourism is said to be used to finance the maintenance and conservation management of national parks and to balance ecosystem populations. In South Africa, lions, rhinos, and elephants are targeted by many hunters. Want to try hunting wildlife in South Africa? The cost you have to prepare is 36,000 US dollars for the elephant package for 10 days of travel, and 100,000 US dollars for the rhino. Interested?