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Posted by on Sep 18, 2018 in Technology | 0 comments

How to Optimize a WordPress Blog

How to Optimize a WordPress Blog

How to optimize the right and correct WordPress blog? Before we discuss more how to optimize the WordPress blog. You must refer to the page of important elements in SEO. because there are some explanations related to this post. if you have a little understanding of the potential, we discuss more how to optimize the WordPress blog. actually to do SEO optimization on WordPress is very easy, because indirectly WordPress CMS already has many excellent features that are very easy to use. even when compared to other platforms, WordPress is more and very easy because it starts with templates, plugins and other support. already have their own features. we live in such a setting that we have optimized the WordPress blog easily. As said by SEO experts from, that in doing SEO optimization there are two parts, namely SEO on-page optimization or how to execute SEO from within the site and which second is SEO off page optimization or SEO execution method from outside the site. by applying this method, we can make the website truly so. Then how to implement it?

How to do the first SEO optimization from within our site. all you have to do is optimize all the elements in the WordPress blog. starting from the blog title or Heading, applying all the Elements of the markup schema, using Description, permalink each post, using the Heading Tag H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and so on, applying bold, underline and italic words, Anchor text or internal link. Some important elements in SEO optimization on the page above can be applied with WordPress themes and to make a description and can use the SEO plugin that makes it easier for you to apply SEO on the page.

Next is still related to the optimization of WordPress blog. to use SEO off the page you only need to look for websites from outside to make anchor links or often called backlinks. embed backlinks from Exchange Link/exchange links with fellow blogs, comments on other blogs, join on the web forum, submit articles on social bookmarking Web, register in Web Directory, guest Blog / write on other blogs by providing referral links to our blog, sending articles to social media. The way to do SEO off page optimization is very easy, but you need to know that even if it’s easy you are not allowed to plant links from irrelevant sites. because some of the search engines do not allow this, as a result, your site will be punished or blacklisted by search engines which will not appear on the search page.

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