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Posted by on Apr 10, 2019 in Health | 0 comments

How To Improve Your Concentration Effectively When You Study

How To Improve Your Concentration Effectively When You Study

Concentration in learning is needed so that we easily absorb knowledge. Failure to concentrate will make you lose a lot of time and learning activities become ineffective. That’s why people try a lot of things to improve their concentration, and consuming is included.

These ways will help increase the concentration of your learning.

Find Your Productive Time

Do you feel productive in the morning or even at night? This is closely related to the rhythm of the body. There are people who are more productive when doing activities in the morning or even at dawn. Some people feel more productive at night or at midnight when people fall asleep.

But there are also those who learn when the time is urgent, this is certainly not good if you are always used to learning in this way. With this way of learning, you also have to be able to learn by using learning methods that can save your time, and find your own productive time to study.

Avoid Potential Disorders

This has something to do with time utilization. Everyone has the same time, 24 hours a day. However, not many smart people use it and only run out for things that are not important. Time thieves can appear in various forms. For example, too busy playing games, watching television, monitoring the social media timeline or chatting in a group chat.

Not that you shouldn’t do these things. Playing or socializing is certainly necessary. But make it a distraction or refreshment. Do not confiscate most of your study time. In order to avoid being disturbed, keep the gadget away when you need to focus.

Make Learning a Habit

Something that has become a habit will make us feel something is missing if we don’t do it. The most effective way to maintain concentration in learning is to always repeat the lesson.

A simple example if you are used to bathing, what does it feel to not take a bath? Or you usually worship at certain times. If you don’t do it, you will be chased with guilt or regret for not doing it. Similarly, learning.

When learning has become a daily habit, you will get used to it. Installing lessons is far more effective than last night’s system, right?

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