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Posted by on Apr 7, 2018 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

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Sure, there are so many things to take into consideration before determining which Property Agent Singapore to choose from. When it comes to choosing the best professional who will help you feel worry-free and stress-free, it would be better to follow these tips.

– Use the services of registered agents who have certificates

Generally speaking, agents who offer services to sell or find properties are scattered because they do not use the large capital to start. Good agents are those who already have business entities and certificates, especially for those of you who have properties with a high nominal.

– Make a contract with a clear article at the beginning of the agreement

The property businessman must clarify the contract at the beginning of the agreement with the agent. Agent has the duty to make contract agreement between the seller and the buyer, so the value of the price of the property and time in accordance with the agreement between the service user and the selected property agent.

If there is a change, such as a price reduction in order that the property sells faster, it can not be done because there must be prior reporting to an intermediary, or the property is not immediately sold and the service user wants to change the agent. So the businessman should make a clear and detailed contract at the beginning of the agreement.

– Owners must hold property ownership papers

The original letter of ownership of the property must be kept by the owner not to be transferred because it is feared to be diverted by the agent

– Use professionals who already have a good track record

Service users should first see the track record of the agent to be selected. The number of clients who have used the services of these agents, how long a property sold to how the agency is marketing both online and electronic media can be a reference in the selection of agents.

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