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Posted by on Mar 18, 2019 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Here Are Some Ways To Drive In Golf Games You Need To Know

Here Are Some Ways To Drive In Golf Games You Need To Know

Golf is indeed one of the fun sports for many people, there are many benefits that can be obtained from playing golf. No wonder, if there are many people who choose this sport to fill their spare time Another thing that must also be considered is the place to play golf. Choose the right golf course. One of the things you can choose is pattaya golf.

To be able to play golf properly, there are many techniques that you must master. One technique meant here is driving. There are several ways to drive in a golf game that you must master.

– Set the basic position
Before making a punch or what is often called driving golf, a player must place the basic position correctly. For the basic position of playing golf, yourself is to place the position of the foot slightly closer to the position of the ball. You can open your feet a little wider than your shoulder size. If you are a player with normal hands, then position your left leg more advanced than the right foot.
Position your body a little more bent, especially at the shoulder. Align the two hands holding the grip stick to the bottom.

– Know how to hold the right grip stick
For the technique of holding a stick, the grip can be done in several ways that make you comfortable when driving. The first way you can do it is like you’re holding a baseball bat. Where the position of the left-hand fingers is at the end of the grip followed by the right-hand fingers which are directly above it. The technique of holding a grip stick is known as an overlapping grip.

– Focus your gaze on the punch
When going to swing with backswing and downswing techniques, the focus of the view should not be disturbed. With a focused focus on goals, then the punch you produce will also be good and achieve that goal. No wonder golf games are much to do to train the focus point of your view to be more targeted.

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