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Here Are Some Unique History Of The Simpsons

Here Are Some Unique History Of The Simpsons

As one of the most popular series of all time, The Simpsons is one of the cartoons that fans have been waiting for. In fact, there are some fans who want to make caricatures of faces with the characters of The Simpsons. You can also use the services of Simpsons Creator to create the caricature. that way, then you will get a funny and interesting photo of yourself.

Perhaps you already know a lot of unique stories behind the series, but not many who know more about the history of The Simpsons which was also not less unique.

1. History of the name of the city of Springfield
The Simpsons creator Matt Groening said that the name of Springfield, a city that became the background of the story, taken from a city of the same name in Oregon, USA. The city is also located not far from Matt’s hometown of Portland.
He was inspired to lift the city of Springfield from a TV show in the 1950s entitled ‘Father Knows Best’. Springfield is one of the names of cities commonly found in the United States. At that time, I thought maybe The Simpson could be successful if it was located in a city called Springfield, and it was true.

2. Character names in the family of The Simpsons
The names of the characters in The Simpsons family are taken from Matt’s own family names. But, especially Bart name, he changed his name, ‘Matt’ to ‘Bart’, because he considers it more funny names that are used by a father who was angry. The Simpson Family’s address in the cartoon, 632 Evergreen Terrace, was also taken from the home address where Matt grew up.

The Simpsons family has received various awards. One of the characters created by Mark Homer J. Simpson, who is described as a donut addict, with his wife, Marge and their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie, who became one of the icons of popular culture, has won 27 Emmy awards.
Not only that, the Simpson family has also been recorded on the ‘Hollywood’s Walk of Fame’. In fact, the phrase ‘D’Oh’ entered the Oxford published dictionary in 2011.

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