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Posted by on Jul 4, 2019 in Health | 0 comments

Healthy Food For People With Erectile Dysfunction

Healthy Food For People With Erectile Dysfunction

A healthy body is a picture of a happy life. Many people are not fortunate to have a disease and they do not know how to treat it.
When having a life partner intimacy is an important thing that we must always guard. Sex quality can be affected by the partner’s health condition.
Not surprisingly, most men are quite afraid of erectile dysfunction.
Because not only affects yourself, this health disorder can eliminate male intimacy with a partner.
Disfuncion erectile can be caused by many things, namely vascular abnormalities (including strokes), neurological abnormalities, effects of drugs, abnormalities in the penis, and psychological problems that affect sexual desire.
You are encouraged to consume the following foods that are believed to prevent erectile dysfunction:

This summer fruit not only contains a lot of water but also high L-citrulline and lycopene, two components that can do wonders in men’s lives.
Citrulline helps blood vessels to relax and improve blood circulation which helps to maintain a longer erection.
Whereas lycopene prevents a man from erectile dysfunction.

Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. These two ingredients will increase blood circulation in the body.
Cocoa is not only good for heart health but also maintains male stamina and erection.

Consuming one handful of pistachios will be useful for increasing virility.
Arginine in pistachios is responsible for improving mood. It calms blood vessels, increases good cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure without side effects.
All of this helps to achieve a good erection and delay the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Oysters and shellfish have a high amount of zinc in them and minerals that are important for testosterone production in men.
Low testosterone will make a man practice DE.

This yellow-skinned fruit contains a lot of potassium which makes sodium levels in the body to be controlled.
Pressing blood will go down and blood circulation will increase. Bananas also help increase testosterone production.

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