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Posted by on Nov 17, 2017 in Technology | 0 comments

Be with your headphones in a longer time

Be with your headphones in a longer time

Are you tired of getting a fake product? Or you may have no more reason to do the research? Check this article if you prefer headphones with stronger bass. Headphones with strong bass often become the products on demand since many people looking for it more and more for their new stuff or to replace an old one. When having the headphone that knows even more than your needs, it just feels like finding the soulmate, right? Do you want it last longer? The life of the headphone itself can be depending on some things, from its durability, quality, to the way you treat it. When it comes to taking care of a pair of your headphone for being able to use in the long-term, we try to provide you with these tips.

The first thing to note is the care of the cable itself. For those who have the type of wired headphones, of course, the cable business becomes its own specter. Problems such as tangled cables or even breakup often perch on users. This cable becomes a crucial problem. Avoid excessive cable suppression. Do not roll the cable too tightly when you want to save it again.

Second is to maintain cleanliness of headphones or earphones. Therefore, headphones, especially earphone dirty, but can cause ear irritation, can cause distortion in the sound quality produced.

Furthermore, Use a cotton bud or wet cloth to clean the earphones on a regular basis. Better yet microfiber cloth to clean the headphone pad part.

Accustomed to using earphones when in the crowd often make you set the volume of the gadget to the fullest. Though this is not good for your headphones. Too often pairs of hard volume can make earphone components easily damaged and his voice is also sometimes so no longer clear. Even your earphones can experience a “sound leak”, ie the sound becomes muffled and can be heard from outside even though you’ve set a small volume.

In addition, keep in mind, the sound is too loud also make your ear health disturbed. This can cause your ears to become insensitive with a low voice. Well, if you want your earphones and ears stay healthy, there is no harm in stopping the habit of listening to loud noise and at least 75% pairs of volume only.

Finally, try to keep headphones or earphones in a dry place. If unused, wrap the neat, keep, and keep away from the humid places.

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