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Posted by on Feb 19, 2018 in General | 0 comments

This what happens when you drive under the influence of alcohol

This what happens when you drive under the influence of alcohol

Alcoholic drinks can be said to have no significant benefits. In fact, when the condition of blood contaminated with alcohol would be very dangerous if the perpetrators drive the vehicle. The person is likely to become out of control. The potential for a massive collision that will harm yourself and others. Furthermore, you will be charged with the DUI laws, and you might have to hire the recommended drunk driving lawyer Detroit as well.

Under the influence of alcohol, brain work is not optimal. Alcohol can lower blood pressure and suppress the nerves of consciousness. When drunk, the driver is more difficult to concentrate and make decisions quickly and precisely.

When drinking alcohol, blood is immediately contaminated. The following effects of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) on the risk of driving on the road:

BAC 0.08. At this level, the muscles have problems in coordination. Motorists face problems with speed, balance, reaction, and hearing. They also decreased their ability to process information such as traffic signs and vehicle control. They are difficult to think, concentrate, and remember.

BAC 0.05. In this condition, there is decreased eye movement speed and psychomotor ability. As a result, the mind is unable to control the coordination between the limbs. The driver also has it difficult to respond to the surrounding circumstances. In this level, the risk of accidents increases to 40 percent.

BAC 0.02. In this level of alcohol, the offender experiences mood discomfort relaxes and decreases his vision ability. He can not do two jobs at once at the same time.

As you can see, driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous. So it’s highly recommended you not to drink any kinds of alcohol if you have a plan to drive your car or ride your bike later on, especially on a big amount of it. This can be quite inconvenient for most people, but it sure is necessary in order to keep themselves safe, along with any other people that use the road, be it the other drivers, bikers, or pedestrians alike.

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