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Posted by on Feb 2, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Guide to Managing Finance to Buy a Home

Guide to Managing Finance to Buy a Home

A dream that is not accompanied by a strong determination will certainly produce something in vain. So also applies if you want to buy a new home by way of a mortgage. Because the issue of installments can only be done after you have paid off the down payment. Apart from that, perhaps we can also recommend you to check out the promising

Speaking of advances, not a few people still claim difficulties in collecting them. If you are such, the six ways below seem to be worth practicing.

1. Create a Monthly Budget

You can start a savings program down payment or a house DP if you have previously understood the flow of expenditure and income every month. After knowing the monthly budget, reduce spending based on the priority scale.

Of the remaining money, then you can determine how much you want to save. You can use several billing applications on smartphones to help you with careful financial calculations.

2. Deposit Savings

Previously you need to know how much down payment you need. Next, determine the period of saving based on the nominal money that can be saved every month.

Take advantage of deposit facilities from banks that withdraw money automatically from savings accounts every month. This method is quite effective because there is a penalty fee if you are forced to withdraw money before the specified period.

3. Save Extra Income

In addition to the regular income earned each month, sometimes there is some unexpected income that you might get. One example is the mid-year bonus or holiday allowance (THR).

By saving a minimum of 50 percent of the unexpected income, saving your advance can be collected faster!

4. Move to Smaller Contracts

There is nothing wrong with struggling first before finally buying a dream home. If you currently rent a luxury boarding house or two-bedroom apartment, it is better to move to the smaller or simpler contract size. This step can save rent by up to 30 percent.

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