Guide to Choosing T-Shirts for Men

For men, t-shirts are like true friends. Besides being comfortable, t-shirts make it easy for men to look cool easily. If you are creative in combining it, the t-shirt is also able to give the impression of being cool, stylish, even macho. Want to know how? Here’s how to look cool with t-shirts for men:

In fact, the t-shirt is deliberately designed not to be adventurous or has a similar model. Simple. However, this simple model that makes a t-shirt model has never been out of date. If there is a difference, it is in the length of the sleeve or the model of the neck. So, when you are confused about choosing a streetwear graphic tees to buy or wear, a plain black or white t-shirt will be enough to make you look timelessly fashionable.

One of the easiest steps when choosing a men’s shirt is to choose the right size. A size that fits your body, not tight, will give a stylish and neat impression. Notice if the shoulder line falls right over your shoulders and if the shirt feels comfortable when you wear it and do activities.

Plain t-shirts are often chosen because they have high flexibility when combined with any outfit. However, every now and then there’s nothing wrong with trying a printed t-shirt. In addition, the selection of plain t-shirts or this motif can be a solid choice for t-shirts every day, so that your appearance doesn’t look boring. After knowing how to select the right t-shirts, you also need to know how to combine shirts with their equivalents. Dare to try it?

The combination of a shirt with a blazer gives the impression of a casual appearance. Try wearing jeans and sneakers to make it look more relaxed. Meanwhile, for a more formal atmosphere, replace your jeans with cloth pants. This kind of combination is suitable for young executives who are required to appear formal and professional at every opportunity.

Don’t want to be complicated when you have to choose clothes? Try going for a head-to-toe monochrome style. You can wear a black t-shirt with black jeans and black shoes. This monochrome style will actually make you look taller and more proportionate.