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Posted by on Feb 16, 2019 in Health | 0 comments

Get to know more about Pranayama Exercises here

Get to know more about Pranayama Exercises here

Yoga is indeed a very good activity done for your breathing, health and even your mind. The number of people who are interested in yoga proves that this exercise or gymnastics does have many benefits for the body. There are many movements in yoga that can help improve your health or even your body’s structure. One type of yoga that is also beneficial for the body, especially breathing is Pranayama. Pranayama excercises are certainly no stranger to some people who often do yoga.

Pranayama is teaching in managing life energy. Various energy sources can be obtained through food and breath. The food in question is a type of food that contains prana so that those who consume it can feel the optimal benefits of that energy. Of course, pranic foods require specificity in cooking so that their energy is not lost or vanished.

Another energy that can be obtained by humans is through breath. This is the energy that is spread throughout the body to the smallest part. Pranayama is an activity that harmonizes all respiratory tracts throughout the body to spread evenly. This is part of optimizing life energy that is beneficial to humans.

To be able to pull energy through breathing, of course, it takes tests and exercises. For example by doing chest breathing above. The trick is to lie down while putting one hand on the chest over the other in the stomach. If your hand on your chest moves while breathing, but your stomach is not moving, then you are chest breather. In the context of pranayama, breathing through the chest is breathing which cannot absorb energy and is inefficient.

In addition, pranayama is also known as shallow breathing, which is related to the ribs. The way to detect it is to lie down and put your hands around the lower rib cage. If the rib continues to move, it means that the breath is shallow. Not only that, even if the stomach moves too, it is categorized as shallow breath.

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