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Posted by on Nov 10, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

Function Guidance Counseling in the Family

Function Guidance Counseling in the Family

The family is the smallest unit of society that consists of the head of the family and several people who are gathered and live somewhere under a roof in a state of interdependence. Sometimes families also have problems, if you experience it, then you can use family counseling services. Here are some functions of family counseling.

– Understanding Function
That is a guidance function that helps clients to have an understanding of himself (potential) and the environment (education, work, and religious norms). Based on this understanding, it is expected to be able to develop his potential optimally and adjust himself to the environment dynamically and constructively.

– Preventive Function
That is the function associated with the counselor’s efforts to always anticipate the various problems that may occur and try to prevent it, so as not experienced by the client. Through this function, the counselor provides guidance to the client about how to avoid self-actions or activities that endanger him. The techniques that can be used are service orientation, information, and group guidance. Some issues need to be informed to clients in order to prevent unexpected behavior.

– Development Function
Namely, a guidance function that is more proactive than other functions. Counselors constantly strive to create a conducive learning environment, which facilitates client development. Counselors in synergy as teamwork collaborate or work together to plan and implement a systematic and continuous guidance program in an effort to help clients achieve their developmental tasks.

– Repair Function (Healing)
That is a curative guidance function. This function is closely related to the effort of providing assistance to clients who have experienced problems, whether involving personal aspects, social, learning, and career. The technique that can be used is counseling and remedial teaching.

– Distribution function
That is the function of guidance in helping clients choose the activities, or what programs in establishing career mastery or positions that match the interests, talents, skills and other personality traits.

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