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Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Free the Baby Walk “Bare Feet” to Strengthen Their Bones

Free the Baby Walk “Bare Feet” to Strengthen Their Bones

Seeing your busy kid running around here barefoot often makes parents worried. How come? The streets are not entirely safe because they are filled with “mines” of dirt, sharp stones, an even broken glass of shard which high risk of injuring a child. In fact, children are actually more recommended to be left free to move barefoot at all. No slippers or soft shoes. To keep it safe, you can use the best baby safety gates. Although fear, let the child walk barefoot was a lot of benefits. Here’s the review.

Young children tend to tread erect with their chins and heads slightly raised as they walk barefoot. Since the soles of their feet touch the ground, they do not need to duck down as they walk, which leads them to lose their balance and fall. Children generally have flat feet. Byrne continued, walking barefoot would strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the child’s legs and form the arch of the sole of his foot. They learn to walk and balance themselves better when they can use their toes to grip the ground. Ultimately, this will train the child to develop better posture and walking.

Children learn to walk receive important sensory information from the soles of their feet. The sole of the foot has the most nerve points compared to other limbs. Therefore, walking barefoot will help them walk faster.

By walking barefoot, children are also trained to be more introspective about the surrounding environment. When barefoot, we are more alert to climb, brake, spin, balance, easily detect sharp objects they need to avoid and adjust quickly when the soil shifts beneath the feet. Just as we walk on uneven terrain, or on any land other than concrete and sidewalks. As a result, children grow agiler and more resilient to injury, such as tripping.

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