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Posted by on Nov 11, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

Foods that help your eyes stay strong

Foods that help your eyes stay strong

Eyes are the human senses that have the most important functions for human life. Of course, a healthy eye is everyone’s dream, not a few people try to prevent their eyes to avoid the disturbances that cause a decrease in eye function. Moreover, the fact that at this time to get a job in the company just an average already no longer accept someone who has a disturbance in vision, so often they fail when through eye health tests. the eye is the window for someone to see the world, it is our duty to take care of it. Taking care of your eyes is important because the decreasing function in the eyes will worsen any activity you go through, so your activity becomes constrained. Check immediately if you feel wrong with your eyesight before it gets worse. Aside from that, if you wish to find a good place to check your eyes, perhaps the Walmart Eye Exam Cost can be quite cheap, but you will get the best quality of an eye exam.

One of the preventions of disruption to the function of the eye is through food that you can consume. This method will be safer and more effective than you use drugs that will make dependence and will be at risk in long-term use. Here are the foods that can keep your eyes healthy naturally.

1. carrots, rich in vitamin A so carrots are used by many people to process pain in the eyes.

2. Mango fruit, this also has a high enough vitamin A content, in a glass of mango juice can produce 25% of vitamin A.

3. Peach fruit, beta-carotene content in peach fruit is very useful for eye health.

4. Spinach, also good for eye health, in this vegetable contains vitamin A which can maintain eye health.

5. Pumpkin seeds, this is rich in betacarotene which is very good for eye health.

6. Oyster Mushroom Riboflavin content has good benefits for the prevention of cataracts and tired eyes that cause glaucoma.

7. Fish salmon, omega 3 and amino acids contained in salmon can prevent eye aging and sharpen eye vision function.

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