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Posted by on Feb 12, 2019 in Health | 0 comments

Five Discovery Skills In The DNA Of Innovators

Five Discovery Skills In The DNA Of Innovators

The following is a brief explanation of the five discovery skills as revealed in Harvard Business Review’s The Innovator’s DNA. Aside from that, you may also need the best DNA extractors from the biologia molecular.

First, the ability to associate. This is the ability to connect between one question and another question, one problem and another, or one idea and another idea, which seems unrelated. In this case, the more diverse a person’s experience and knowledge in his life, the more likely his brain can connect one thing and another. New input can trigger a new relationship and it can lead to new ideas.

Second, the ability to ask or question something. Peter Drucker mentioned it as the power of provocative questions. Innovators often question anything, even what has become common wisdom. Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata called it to question the unquestionable. To be able to ask effectively, innovative entrepreneurs often ask “why not” and “what if”.

Third, observation. Innovative executives often present unusual business ideas, by observing a normal phenomenon in detail. In observing, they act like anthropologists or social scientists. Akio Toyoda regularly practices the Toyota philosophy, namely Genchi Genbutsu, going to the spot and seeing for yourself. That is, go and see for yourself at the scene.

Fourth, the ability to experiment. Like scientists, innovative entrepreneurs often try new ideas by creating prototypes or making pilot projects. The difference with observers is that innovators construct interactive experiences and try to provoke unusual responses to see what emerges.

Fifth, the power of networking or networking. Innovative entrepreneurs often meet their counterparts or people who have different ideas and perspectives than usual. This is to expand its own domain of knowledge. They are often also present at conference conferences or technology, entertainment, and design exhibitions.

Inspiration to think differently

The ability to think innovatively can be developed and strengthened by practicing. Practice and keep practicing, until it becomes a habit. For AG Lafley, the former CEO of P & G, innovation is the main job of every leader, not depending on what his position is in the organization.

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