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Posted by on May 11, 2018 in General | 0 comments

First Electric Car Buyer’s Mistakes to Avoid

First Electric Car Buyer’s Mistakes to Avoid

Buying the first car can be frightening than facing prospective in-laws. These fears often arise on the basis of doubts whether our needs can be fulfilled on a car that has been purchased. You should not worry, immediately close your eyes and find out his mistake. Here are some mistakes to buy the first car you should avoid even though you’ve read more than electric car blog is expected to help you find your dream car.

Too small

Buying the first car for yourself or for family needs should look at the efficiency side. That is, do not let, especially for families, the car is not enough to bring the whole family to go home. Well, when the holiday time to the waterpark, do not make the trip becomes uncomfortable because passengers must be piled with luggage. If necessary, in order not to be consumed by the lure of marketing dealers, just bring the whole family when you want to buy this first car. For your own needs? Make sure you are very comfortable driving it. This problem usually appears in people who have above average height. Small cars will make the legs very bend when driving. In addition to fast sore, small cars are considered less suitable for the Adam.

The price is too expensive

the existence of new cars is now increasingly diverse. The diversity of choices sometimes confuses. For example in terms of features, specifications, and price of the car. Information about the new car is certainly easier to obtain. Brochures and advertisements can be very easy to find. The variety of payment methods is now easier. In addition to cash, the dealer provides a credit payment model with a low DP. Well, this is to be reckoned with. Make sure your needs for the car nothing has changed; if you can bring a family picnic at the weekend in the city just do not need a luxury car, right? Advanced technological features do not need to exist anyway.

Too much buying accessories

It would be better if you are careful with accessories. Why so? Some dealers will provide package accessories and package protection when it is not necessarily used by you. It does not feel, but if calculated the actual cost of minor accessories and the package, can be quite a number.

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