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Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in Technology | 0 comments

Fatal Error in Making the Presentation Slide That You Should Avoid

Fatal Error in Making the Presentation Slide That You Should Avoid

One way to learn to be better is to learn from your own mistakes or others. This applies to any field you work on including designing the presentation slides you use. If you want to make your presentation slide presentation look interesting, you can also learn from your own mistakes or other people’s mistakes. But if you do not have time to work on a beautiful presentation quickly, then it would be better if you use powerpoint templates free that you can get easily on the internet.

Apart from to, here are some Fatal Errors In Making a Presentation Slide That You Should Avoid!

1. Slide created with the wrong purpose
Many people when making presentation slides have the wrong goal.
Where is the wrong part?

The fault is that they make slides as a reading material for their presentation rather than as a visual medium that represents the message or idea they are conveying.
There are two possible causes for them doing so. First, it could be because they do not know the function of the actual slide. And the second can also because they do not bother to learn the presentation material that they bring.

The right goal in making the slide, the main there are three. First, it helps us as a presenter to speak in accordance with a defined structure or groove and helps the audience to follow the structure or groove easily. Second, help the audience understand and remember our message well. In accordance with the main function of the slide is the visual media. So slides are made to simplify the message we deliver with the right visual choices, good and relevant so that what we convey becomes more easily understood and remembered. Third, to increase the audience’s interest in the presentation we are doing.
If every presenter understands this I am convinced of them, there will be an attempt to create a slide that approaches the intended purpose.

2. Slide Created Full Text and Bullet Point Everywhere
Due to the first mistake, the wrong goal set many presenters to make the second mistake is to make a slide full of text and bullet points here and there because according to them this slides can realize the wrong goal they have set.

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