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Posted by on Jul 21, 2018 in Technology | 0 comments

Facts About Grand Theft Auto Games You Didn’t Know

Facts About Grand Theft Auto Games You Didn’t Know

Although he is already more than two years since it was first released, there are still many interesting things that exist in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5. Many new secrets are found by gamers. Many other modes GTA 5 “crazy” creativity of the modder that makes the adventure in this game more fun. But there are also some facts GTA 5 is interesting and not much known by gamers.

What are the facts GTA 5 is interesting and rarely known gamers? You may wonder to know it since you love to play GTA San Andreas Android Game. Yes, the longer this game on the market, the more facts GTA 5 is disclosed. In fact, there are many facts GTA 5 is not the much-known gamer you know! Sssst, you’re lucky to read my World, because we’ll be kind enough to reveal seven interesting GTA 5 facts, and unknown to most of your friends!

1. One of Two Western Games with Perfect Value in Famitsu

Famous game media in Japan, Famitsu knew enough “fierce” in giving a score of 40 alias perfect for the game they reviewed. Especially for western games like GTA 5 is. But GTA 5 was able to “melt” the hearts of the editors in Famitsu, so they finally provide perfect value for this game. And GTA 5 was finally recorded as one of the ONLY two western games that ever got a perfect score in Famitsu. The other is Skyrim!

2. Voice of CJ and Franklin Turns Brothers!

CJ aka Carl Johnson is the main protagonist in GTA: San Andreas. While Franklin is one of the three main protagonists of GTA 5. Apparently, the voice of both characters still has a brother relationship! The young rapper Malay (who voiced CJ) is a cousin of Shawn Fonteno (Franklin’s voice).

3. Sandy Shores Also Inspired from the Real Place!

The town in the middle of the desert, Sandy Shores also inspired from the real place in the real world you know! It is the city of Bombay Beach, a city located in Southern California that is the inspiration.

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