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Posted by on Mar 15, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Enjoying Coffee Without Producing Any Garbage

Enjoying Coffee Without Producing Any Garbage

Our aging civilization allows people to do anything to make the best and comfortable to live in. One of them is in the matter of coffee. If all this time we have always donated garbage to the earth shortly after brewing, what if this time we challenge ourselves to coffee without trash. Or at least reduce the waste or delay removing waste by using it again. Apart from that, perhaps you also need to find an excellent store to buy coffee beans online visit us.

January 2019 I started to refrain from throwing away my coffee garbage as fast as lightning. If all this time after I pour the coffee pulp I throw it directly into the trash can, then this time I use it again just before it is thrown away. First, it can be used as an air freshener and a refrigerator deodorizer that makes the aroma fresh. Second, I often make masks and scrubs by mixing them with olive oil. In the end, it was discarded too, but at least I put it off and used it for something else right? A more eco-friendly lifestyle can be forged from here, and zero-waste movements can be encouraged.

What is more sophisticated and I have not had the chance to do is to make all my coffee waste dissolve by ‘composting’ or better known as composting. If you are confused, how can you find the guide on Google, how come! Pun compos bag has also been sold in bulk on online sites.

In addition to the remaining brewed coffee grounds, I also recycle my paper filters or coffee filter paper. After use, I dry all paper filters. After that, I collect everything and can be reused into a notebook that is combined with the rope as the adhesive. My friend is even more extreme because he uses a paper filter twice to brew. According to him, the texture of the paper filter does not change too much if it is used twice and the taste will still last as long as you brew two of the same coffee. Interesting too!

Also, try to establish yourself not to use plastic cups and plastic straws. These two objects are the most despised by our earth and their garbage harms the ecosystem so badly.

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