Do You Know The Advantage Of Installing A Dashcam In Your Car?

The dashcam that is attached to the dashboard of a car is familiar to the ears. This camera works to record road conditions in front of the car while driving or record the inside of the car cabin. This well-known technology has indeed been widely sold in the market, and even some manufacturers have presented this device in their products. Meanwhile, before you decide to buy a dashcam, perhaps you want to read some of the best dash cam reviews

In a survey in the UK in 2018, dashcam became a necessity for a number of car drivers. Based on the survey, drivers have various reasons when asked why they use Dashcam. Of the 2,500 respondents, 48% said they felt calm when there was an accident on the road, 36% felt safe when driving, 28% said they felt confident when driving, and 17% said they had had an accident and could not prove their guilt.

Along with the times, there are various types of a dashcam that are offered to consumers. There is a car dash camera that only records road conditions in front or better known as a single channel dashcam. While there is a dashcam that can record the road in front of the car and the inside of the car cabin or what is commonly referred to as two channels.

Dashcam with one channel certainly has a function to record events in front of the car. Just like when there is an accident, the dashcam will record the front of the car during the incident. So that it can provide concrete information about who should be responsible for the incident.

As for the two-channel dashcam, of course, it has the same function for recording the front of the car. As for the inside of the cabin, it can provide extra protection in the event of a robbery in the car. The Dashcam that records the inside of the cabin can certainly capture the perpetrator’s face to be used as evidence to the Police.

Currently, a dashcam is sold on the market, the products being sold are increasingly sophisticated as well. Currently, dashcam technology can do live streaming video, 4K camera resolution, save to the cloud, to night vision technology.