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Posted by on Apr 4, 2018 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Do Some Treatments On The Knife To Always Sharp

Do Some Treatments On The Knife To Always Sharp

Knives became one of the kitchen tools that are needed by they who like the activities of cooking. Choosing and getting the right knife is a must for those who love it. Many people end up choosing to use chef’s knife to make it easier for them to cook in the kitchen. For that, they will look for good chef knife to be used very well in their kitchen.

After finding the right knife, then you should also find the right way to take care of the knife. because, if the treatment on the blade is wrong, then the knife will rust and can no longer be used. There are some knife treatments you should do, such as

– Store Knife In Dry Place
After you wash the knife you use, then do not forget to restore it in a dry place and not damp for the knife is not easy to rust. In fact, you are advised to set up a special storage area for shredding the knife in accordance with its type and usefulness.

– Clean Knives With Exactly
Each time you finish using a knife, then wash and clean each side of the knife with dishwashing soap, then do not forget to dry it immediately. Avoid using the dishwasher so that your knife is not easily damaged and stay sharp. If there is a stain attached to the knife, then you can rub it with vegetable oil. To remove the odor attached to the knife, then you can use toothpaste to remove the odor. However, do not forget to always rinse with soap to clean again.

– Make sure the knife is always sharp
You should always check whether the knife you have has a good sharpness or not. Because, if the knife sharpness disappears, then you will not be comfortable when wearing it. Especially if you use the knife to cut the meat, then try to keep the knife is always in a sharp state and can be used very well. Blunt knife will greatly hinder the cooking work that you do later.

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