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Posted by on Oct 5, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

Crazy Facts But Real About Condoms

Crazy Facts But Real About Condoms

When it comes to condoms, there may be plenty of people who will refuse them. Because this is considered the same let free sex rampant everywhere. But on the other hand, condoms become a lifesaver for some people who want to delay the baby. For a country like China that wants to control population growth and abortion, for example, they create the thinnest condom in the world. It’s not all husbands like to use condoms because of the lack of intimate relationship satisfaction. But there are also some condoms designed to satisfy a couple’s sexual relations and you can get a condom of that kind in an official condom store. Here are some facts that are a little crazy, but also interesting to know about condoms.

As a warm-up, let’s start with this one. What is the long name above? In fact, this is Danish for condoms. Maybe we are confused with the pronunciation. But when translated, it means a kind of pregnancy control device. The desire to have sex is sometimes very urgent. But in order not to cause problems in the future such as abortion or so, the Swedish government had made a policy, namely an ambulance introduction of condoms. There is a special ambulance there that is ready and ready to come to your place just to deliver condoms to your address. But somehow this rule did not last long and no longer exists now.

Many people use condoms and eventually ‘break’ too. Though the heart does not want to have a baby yet? But maybe it has been your fortune to have children earlier than planned. Condoms are good quality and last for 4 years. Unless the storage is wrong. Store in a solid, dry and cool place. So he did not easily fold and tear. This is true. That’s why many couples choose condoms if they do not want children. So if you fail to delay the baby, there may be 2% very important cause. The first is because the condom is broken and can no longer accommodate the husband’s ‘defense’. The second is the luck factor. Yes, there is no harm in having children early.

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