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Posted by on May 28, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Clean Floor And A Dropped Food

Clean Floor And A Dropped Food

If you accidentally drop food on the floor, surely you will quickly pick it up and will eat it immediately. Maybe some people argue that if a piece of food falls to the floor for only a few seconds on the floor, dirt and germs do not have time to pollute the food. The clean tile must become your attention and concern. However, you have the reason why is the right service. Although you must spend amounts of money when you hire a tile cleaning service, you can get a satisfying result. Sometimes, you can’t clean tile on your own. Cleaning tile is important. This is not because you often drop your foods but for health reasons.

Even if only for a short time, the food that has fallen to the floor will be directly exposed to bacteria that stick to the floor. E. coli bacteria can move from the floor to the food in just five seconds. The level of dirt or not is a more important factor than how long the food falls on the floor. However, many studies say that shortly after the food falls to the floor, the food will be directly contaminated by bacteria. Because bacteria that attach to food will increase to tenfold in 3-30 seconds while falling on the floor.

Although food that has been contaminated by these bacteria does not directly affect the health of our bodies, it is recommended that food that falls on the floor or onto the carpet should be discarded. Because bacteria live everywhere, even when you sweep and clean it. There are more than 9,000 microorganisms from different species, both benign and malignant, hiding in every dust in the house. So, you can be infected with bacteria at any time and in any way, including eating food that has just fallen to the floor.

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