Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaning Solution

If you have babies or children, of course, you should be extra ordinate to keep the house clean. But do not carelessly choose cleaning products, choose those that do not harm children. Before you start the ritual of cleaning the house, please note that several cleaning products are harmful to children’s health, be it their eyes, smell, or their skin. Home cleaning products with harsh chemicals not only kill bacteria that are roaming but also threaten the health of children. That is why it is important to choose the best carpet cleaning solution 2020. Among them are Eczema or a condition in which the baby’s skin becomes sensitive and there is an allergic reaction. This is because carpet cleaners and detergents can irritate the skin. This product can also harm breathing, that is, the vapors generated can cause allergies or asthma symptoms in children.

The steam from carpet cleaners can also irritate your baby’s eyes. The eyes become red and watery. Moreover, if splashed in your eyes, some cleaners can cause serious damage. Every year more than one million children under five ingest this cleaning product accidentally. Some cleaners also have scents that are harmful to health. The exact effects on health are not yet known, but ingredients such as phthalates can disrupt hormonal balance. Some parents are on guard to reduce the use of these cleaning products for the health of their children, especially those containing harmful chemicals. However, there are still practical ways to keep the house clean without endangering children’s health. The first step is to choose the right carpet cleaning product. Experts argue you should choose cleaning products that are harmless and environmentally friendly as well as friendly to health. Choose products labeled green, non-toxic, or products with the label, “petroleum-free,” “biodegradable,” “phosphate-free,” “VOC-free,” or “solvent-free”.

To clean the carpet, don’t choose a dangerous spray product. This is because carpet cleaning products contain various chemicals that can be trapped in the carpet. Otherwise, clean the carpet with warm water and without detergent. Instead of getting stuck in cleaning products whose ingredients are harmful to health because they contain chemicals, you should start switching to cleaning the house wisely, namely by creating your effective household cleaning products.