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Posted by on Apr 27, 2019 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Choose A Shirt According To Man’s Posture

Choose A Shirt According To Man’s Posture

For some men with a body posture that is larger or smaller than average, choosing a shirt is not as simple as choosing a men’s shirt with a regular posture, because if the choice is not right, then the user will look less fashionable. To get funny shirts for men, you can visit our website. Although a shirt is a simple outfit, for men with extra posture (big or thin) there are some things that need to be considered.

1. Fit

For men with large postures, if it is too tight it will show a large body size, bulge or the fold will print clearly, but if it is too big and lose it will make the wearer look bigger again, for those who are thin, the tight shirt will make the user more visible Junkie, but if you wear a long shirt, the user will also look thinner because the shirt is too big or sagging. We recommend that the shirts used have these 3 elements; shoulder, arm, waist.

Shoulder: should the shoulder joint be right at the corner of the shoulder, not fall, but also not above the shoulder

Arm: the right sleeve of the shirt is in the middle between the shoulder and elbow if touching the elbow means too long/oversized. If it is very short, the armpit will be visible.

Waist: the bottom end of the shirt must cover the waist, but not to the length of the arm on the side. If the bottom is stretched until the waist of the pants can be seen it means that the shirt is too short/small, but if it is long until it is occupied, it means it is too long. But there are indeed some of the latest t-shirt models that have a very long bottom.

2. Material

Use material that is not glazed so that the shape is camouflaged, but still that is not too thick and comfortable to keep cool and not increase volume due to thick clothing. While for the thin posture, it is recommended to use additional outerwear such as a jacket to make it look bulky.

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