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Posted by on May 18, 2018 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Check the Condition of Used Car: Consider the Machine and Test Drive

Check the Condition of Used Car: Consider the Machine and Test Drive

When visiting Lewiston car dealer, you need to tell which type of car you are considering buying, right? Well, when checking the overall condition of the car, the engine and test drive becomes mandatory for you even if you choose a used car. On the engine block, check if there is an oil stain or not. If anything there is a leak there and may require major repairs later on. Check also the brake fluid and the reservoir to ensure no leakage. The color of the oil can also be seen by lifting the transmission oil measuring stick. The color of the oil should be pink or dark red. Usually, on old cars, the oil will look darker but should not appear burnt or smelled charred.

Another way to check the machine is to simply listen to it. Take the car to a quiet place. In the dead state, turn on the machine three to five minutes and listen. Repeat that way, then open the hood or cover the car engine. Make sure the engine sound is still smooth and constant when the engine is turned on without gas pounding. Previously can disable the audio device and air conditioner (AC). Make sure there is no sound like metal clashing or rubbing.

If necessary you can bring your trustworthy mechanic to check the condition of the car. If you are alone and feel there is something strange on the first observation, you better leave it alone. Talking about the test drive, ask the permission to try to drive the car. This is one of the best ways to check your car’s eligibility. Drive with various maneuvers, great distances, and occasional high-speed attempts.

At low speed do take off steering to check whether the car is still running straight or not. Still associated with the condition of the car, you do not talent with a price much lower than the market price. Usually, cars that are pegged at low prices have considerable problems. Make sure you bid the price well. As a buyer you will be very heavy to raise your purchase price, then on the first offer mention your purchase price somewhat away from the sale price. Similarly, reviews about bargain used cars and how to check the condition of his car. Hopefully useful for you to get dream car.

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