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Posted by on Jun 2, 2018 in Health | 0 comments

Benefits of Snail Slime in Skincare Products

Benefits of Snail Slime in Skincare Products

The more days, the more strange the ingredients are in the skincare product. Mucus snails one of them. What is the benefit? The use of snail mucus to treat the skin has actually been done since ancient Greece. Snail slime is widely used to treat burns, inflammation, and all kinds of skin problems. At that time, how to take mucus snails done with a bit extreme, the body of the snail is destroyed first until the liquid comes out by itself. You can get this kind of product on the website of Ziampro in Thailand,

The ability of snail mucus to treat the skin is finally up to the French market, where snail mucus is being used in beauty products. For the snail itself, this mucus is beneficial to protect their bodies from sunburn and drought. Not only that, snail mucus also contains antimicrobial that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. Since snail mucus contains 91-98% water, most skincare products containing snail mucus are targeted to keep moisture and retain moisture in the skin. Well, whether the mucus snail contents just water? Absolutely no! Snail mucus also contains ingredients that are not foreign anymore in skincare products such as:

– Hyaluronic acid

One of the essential ingredients to make skin moist. Our body produces hyaluronic acid naturally, but as we get older, the number decreases, so our skin needs more intake.

– Glycolic acid

Also known as glycolic acid or AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). Has an exfoliating function that can purify the skin from dead skin. Daily use of glycolic acid can also make skin tones brighter and evenly.

– Copper peptides

Serves to stimulate collagen and promote skin regeneration faster. Powerful to disguise black spots and acne scars.

Snail mucus, although its benefits to the snail body have been tested clinically, it still needs to be made comparable with human skin. To work best on human skin, the snail mucus extracted from garden snails must also be supported with strong active ingredients and can help deeper absorption of the skin.

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