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Posted by on Jan 5, 2018 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Believe In Yourself, As God Believes You

Believe In Yourself, As God Believes You

Confidence is a wonderful thing, which strengthens us to face life with courage, openness, and honesty. Christians with confidence are convinced that they are loved, precious, and secure in God’s plan for their lives. When we feel safe, we will more easily step out and try new things, even if we make some mistakes along the way. Confidence enables us to move forward while expecting success rather than worrying about failure. This is essential to fulfilling God’s plan for our lives. Visit our website and find articles that help you to know that god is real.

I am convinced that one of the main things that hinder us so that we can not walk with the confidence that God wants for us is out of self-doubt. Our inability to believe in ourselves binds us and closes our chances of being successful. Self-doubt and self-confidence do not go together, they fight against each other. Therefore, we must identify the root of this self-doubt and understand how to develop our confidence in Christ.

God says that you and I are precious, created in our mother’s womb with His own hands. We have a purpose in this world. God says that He calls us by our names and we belong to Him. Take a moment and look into your heart, what do you see there? Are you filled with doubts or self-confidence that comes from a deep knowledge of God and his unconditional love for you? If your answer is not in line with His word, I want to encourage you to start updating your mind about how God sees you. Do not let feelings lead your life again. Take the step of faith and start trusting God today. Choose to agree with Him and believe that you are very valuable. He has a great future plan for you, and it starts now!

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