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Posted by on Mar 12, 2018 in General | 0 comments

Avoid Some of These Bad Habits For Healthy Facial Skin

Avoid Some of These Bad Habits For Healthy Facial Skin

Various habits or routines that we do every day was made facial skin aging. We may not be aware of the risks we may receive from these bad habits. to remove aging or wrinkles on the face, you can use goji cream. With proper care and cream, your skin will get maximum health.

With so many activities you have to do every day. You should know what habits can cause your skin to look old and wrinkle. Some of these habits can make your skin like that.

1. Bad Diet

Eating patterns also affect the condition of the skin because food with poor nutritional content can lead to premature aging. One of the mechanisms is to create a chronic inflammatory process in the body. Some examples of foods that trigger aging are refined carbohydrates such as bread, and pasta, and foods that contain too much sugar. Both foods can damage the existing collagen in the skin.
Other types of foods to avoid are fried foods, fast food, and processed meats. You are encouraged to always consume foods that contain antioxidants.

2. Sleeping Position

The possibility of wrinkles can be triggered by the pressure of the pillow on the skin that happens continuously. So, from now on go to sleep in the supine position with your face forward.

3. Smoking

Not only does it have an adverse effect on health, smoking can also affect your appearance. Smokers are more susceptible to premature aging because of the destruction of body tissue by toxic substances in cigarettes and blood circulation to the face. It will accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and make it look more clear and dull face. The face that is usually experienced premature aging in smokers is the area around the eyes.

These three habits that you do every day will make your face look older every day. So, from now on avoid these habits to get a healthy and well-groomed face.

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