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Posted by on Jan 12, 2019 in Technology | 0 comments

Avoid Hacking, Keep Your Email Account With These Three Ways

Avoid Hacking, Keep Your Email Account With These Three Ways

At present, everyone certainly has an email. Email is indeed proven to be able to help all their work and even send files that they cannot send directly. So, no wonder if there are now many people who have email accounts, whether on Google, Yahoo and some other large sites. Maintaining e-mail security is something you always have to do. By using, you can maintain the security of your own account.

There are several ways to secure emails that you can do to avoid hacking these emails. Some of the ways in question are

1. Add a cellphone number
Adding a mobile number to your account is very important. Suppose that in the future you forget your gmail password, you can reset it via your cellphone number.
Also make sure you enter the active mobile number and your own, not someone else’s. Please read the following tutorial to add a cellphone number to your account.

2. Enable 2-step verification
2-step verification is an additional feature provided by Google to protect user accounts. The way this feature works is almost the same as the PIN token for internet banking transactions.
Usually when you log in, just enter your email address and password, right? Well if you activate this feature, when you enter your e-mail address and password, Google needs to verify first by sending the code via SMS (most commonly) or through a telephone call.

3. Don’t forget to always log out of your account
This kind of negligence is often done by most people. After they log in to their gmail account, they rarely log out. If you do it on your laptop or PC, it’s still better (even though it’s still at risk), if you do this in your friend’s internet cafe or laptop, it can get worse.
So after you have finished using your gmail account, log out immediately (even if on your own laptop or PC) to minimize unwanted things.

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