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Posted by on Nov 18, 2017 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Add Art In House With Wall Art

Add Art In House With Wall Art

Wall art can add art elements to your home, office or building can make our space feel more beautiful, artful, and character. Indoor art in the room carries a particular theme, so it can make our room feel modern, or classic. Feminine, or masculine. retro, or futuristic. This time we will discuss choosing living room wall art for wall decoration in our space. In order for the effects of our artifacts of art to feel more, we need to pay attention to several things.

– Customize Theme / Nuance

As mentioned above, there are so many choices of themes that can be presented in a space. But as people say “Less is More”, so do not let us present too many themes in one room. The result must be very distracting and impressed tacky. Therefore, establish the theme of what we want to present in the room. What is a classic? Minimalist? Feminine? We can choose wall art decoration in accordance with the theme earlier. For example, for a classic theme, we can present the painting with a European style frame. Another case for a minimalist theme. The painting that we choose may be more dominant white-black with a simple thin frame. Obviously, images or shapes displayed wall art should be in accordance with the theme carried. Do not get it, when we choose the classic feel but show a cartoon picture on our wall.

– Adjust Size
Wall art size as well as the size of furniture in the room. The size of the small can make the atmosphere feel crowded, or vice versa, too empty. Do not let our wall art is too big, or too small relative to the plane of our wall.

Hang wall art/wall hangings parallel to the eye line (eye level). You must specify the eye level with the average human height. Adjust also the placement of artworks with the height of the room so it is more comfortable to see. Set the distance of each artwork proportional (if more than one artwork), if you want to hang two or three frames, either vertically or horizontally, set the distance between artworks proportionally. Keep the distance between frames not too far and not too close.

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