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Posted by on May 14, 2018 in Health | 0 comments

About Injectable Testosterone That You Should Know

About Injectable Testosterone That You Should Know

As a hormone that is needed by men, testosterone should be kept within the body. Because, if testosterone is reduced it will affect the lives of men as a whole. In fact, there are some people who use supplements to increase the hormone. There are some people who are still asking about does zma increase libido. These supplements can indeed increase testosterone in the body.

However, what if there is someone who chooses to use testosterone injections for their body? This will still affect the hormone testosterone and has some impact on the body. There are those who think that the impact will be good but there are also who assume that the impact will be bad for the body.

Production of the hormone testosterone in men will decline naturally after the age of 30 years and over. That is about 1 percent per year. However, the decline could have happened sooner. Low testosterone in men can be caused by androgen deficiency.

Some low testosterone symptoms include decreased sex drive and sperm production, weight gain, and hot flushes (sensation of heat, sweating, palpitations, skin redness).
Before injecting the hormone testosterone, the doctor will ask for measurements of testosterone levels in the blood, as well as checking the overall health condition. There is also a possibility, doctors ask for a red blood cell level examination to ensure that therapy will not increase the number of red blood cells to harmful levels.
Therapy in the form of injectable testosterone hormone is one effort to overcome the symptoms and conditions. In addition to injections, the hormone testosterone can be a gel, patches are attached, and pellets or implants are directly inserted into the body by a doctor. Provision of testosterone is rarely done in the form of drugs consumed because it is feared could affect the condition of the liver.

Generally, testosterone hormone injections are done regularly every 7 days or longer pauses, depending on the health condition. About 2-3 days after the injection of the hormone testosterone, the hormone production will be very high which will then decrease again until the next injection.

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