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Posted by on Apr 14, 2018 in General | 0 comments

5 Tricks to lure the visitors to your exhibition booth

5 Tricks to lure the visitors to your exhibition booth

An attractive exhibition booth design can be one way to attract the attention of visitors. The size of the booth or stand in the cast is not the size of a sales success, because it turns out the attractive and unique booth design becomes one of the important forces in attracting the attention of visitors. Of course, you need Tips to Make Visitors Interested in Visiting Your Booth Stand Exhibition. In the meantime, you may need to buy the Inflatable arch to make more people more curious about your products or services.

Here are 5 Tips to Make Visitors Interested in Visiting Your Booth Stand Exhibition that you may be able to make reference to create a booth that is able to attract the interest of larger visitors, namely:

1. Use lights for good lighting.

Although most of the exhibition buildings provide good lighting, adding lights to make your booth brighter with a touch of spotlight lights will increase visitor interest, Good lighting can make your booth stand to look beautiful and sparkle among booths another stand.

2. Make the theme interesting and unique (out of the box).

Although it may initially look strange if it looks interesting then it will be the main attraction. Get out of the type and shape of the traditional exhibition stands ordinary because generally visitors will be easily interested in everything unique and have never seen before. But you must be good at distinguishing what is unique and tacky.

3. Put the product, service, and business name in a place that is easily seen by visitors to the exhibition.

Do not let your product be blocked by posters or graphics, it is important that the visitor can directly see the items on the poster with the original product.

4. Only display 1-2 products in your booth, simple but right on target.

Because if it is too crowded it can make visitors not focus on the products you sell, you should understand that in the building where the exhibition is hundreds and even thousands of different products, even the same with the product you sell.

5. Use visuals and displays that can leave a strong impression.

Like posters, graphics and Plasma TVs that feature interesting or unique drawing or writing.

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