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Posted by on Feb 23, 2019 in General | 0 comments

5 Diseases That Exist In Public Toilets

5 Diseases That Exist In Public Toilets

Traveling is indeed the most eagerly awaited moment for those of you who have been bored doing the routine. Often we are ignorant of the surrounding conditions when we go on vacation, especially diseases that are in public toilets. Then what are the diseases found in public toilets? Meanwhile, if you have a public facility with a lot of toilets, perhaps you need to hire the most trusted and the most recommended empresas de aseo to ensure the cleanliness of your public toilets.

Digestive infection

Gastroenteritis infections are caused by viruses and bacteria that spread from feces and someone’s vomiting. In fact, this virus comes from a toilet seat that has been touched by an infected person.

Skin pathogens

This skin disease is spread by someone who has eczema so that the bacteria will spread on someone’s skin and cause infection.


A disease that sounds trivial, but it turns out this disease is found in public toilets that are not in a clean condition.


This disease is caused by the presence of E-Coli bacteria found in dirty toilets. The source is none other than the toilet seat and door handles.

Hepatitis A

The hepatitis A virus can spread from the rest of the dirt that sticks to the toilet seat. For this reason, before using the toilet, see the condition around the toilet first.

Already imagine what are the diseases of public toilets? To prevent the spread of bacteria, make sure to always clean the toilet seat with wet tissue and don’t forget to wash your hands after you have finished using public toilets. It’s good before traveling to ask about tricks to keep your health to the doctor on a trusted website.

Furthermore, you may also need to carry several items that can help you to use the public restrooms safely. We recommend you to bring anti-septic tissues and also antibiotic spray that won’t harm your skin while it’s being used to clean the toilet seat.

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