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Posted by on Jul 11, 2018 in General | 0 comments

4 Tips or keeping the dust away from your house

4 Tips or keeping the dust away from your house

Do you know that if more than 90% of the dust in the house comes from outside like street dust? However, dust can also be caused by paper, cloth, and even leather-based clothing. This dust can stick in various places ranging from walls, ceilings, furniture and households in parts that are difficult to clean as in the carpet and on the sofa. In addition, dust can also float in the air and stick in the fan. In the meantime, if you don’t like to clean the dust manually, we recommend you to check out the best rated backpack vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, to make the house free of dust, you can apply some of the following ways:

Cleaning the house from dust with a vacuum

Dust is often difficult to remove. Often it is actually flying so that most of the dust is actually not out of the house but re-stick in some furniture. For that vacuum cleaner is the most appropriate way to clean the dust.

Swab and wipe

Dust cannot be completely cleaned by just sweeping. You also have to mop the floor after sweeping as this is the most effective way to catch dust and scraps of dirt that is not swept away. Use a dry mop and easily absorb water so that dust and dirt are not easy to stick. As for the furniture, free them from dust by using a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth.

Pay attention to the carpet and sofa

To clean the carpet from the dust, you can not only rely on a vacuum that just sucks dust. We also need a really powerful vacuum cleaner and can tie and sweep the carpet at once. Similarly, if you have a sofa made of materials such as microfiber cloth, you should regularly clean it using a vacuum.

Dry the carpet and mattress once a month

At least once a month the mattress and carpet should be dried in the sun. This is to remove bacteria and germs on the carpet and mattress. Once dried, you also have to beat it with a special bat such as made of rattan so that dust can fall.

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