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Posted by on Mar 18, 2018 in General | 0 comments

3 Impacts of a divorce to the daughters in a family

3 Impacts of a divorce to the daughters in a family

A divorce is the most feared thing for every couple. But sometimes they can not impose the will, not infrequently the conflict is too complicated and also has no solution cause divorce is the best way to be chosen. So what is the positive and negative divorce? If viewed from the conflict, of course in the household if there is someone who experienced extraordinary events such as domestic violence and torture, then the victim will be released. But if the conflict is still categorized as low then the negative of divorce will be more. Especially in children who will face trauma and the like. Then what is the impact of divorce on children, especially girls? Meanwhile, perhaps you need to hire Cairns Divorce Lawyers to get the professional help to get through your divorce case.

1). Children’s Health Deteriorates

When a girl is abandoned by her father in times of growth and development, for example from toddlers to puberty due to divorce. First is the deteriorating health of girls. Because generally, the physical health of a girl is influenced mentally and their feelings or mood. If abandoned by a father figure and feel the loss of father figure then the girl will be sad and cause the child’s health to be decreased even not infrequently worsened.

2). Not Believe In Men

The belief of a daughter for a man is first planted in the father. But if he faces the fact that his father left them or maybe he followed the father and the divorce took place. Then the child may look fine but in fact, they no longer believe in the figure of a man or any men at all. If the child follows her mother then the father will be considered the man who betrayed them and the evil person.

3). Being Child is Too Independent / Powerful

Which parent does not want that the child to be a strong figure and also independent? but what if the child is too independent or strong. Even because of this he no longer needs mentoring and people who can mature them. So the girl becomes too tough and not afraid of anything. This is avoided and also feared by many girls who experienced a divorce.

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