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Posted by on Dec 5, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

3-20 Minute Meditation Tips Every Day

3-20 Minute Meditation Tips Every Day

You do not have to go to the beach or to a quiet place to meditate. Meditation can be done anytime and anywhere. Meditation also does not take long, can only three minutes, up to 20 minutes every day. By meditating the mind more controlled, feelings of uneasiness vanished and stress resolved better. Meditation can even be done while undergoing daily routine. Get some meditation tips by visiting our website and get mindfulness meditation. Just do meditation at these times:

1. When bathing
When undergoing a bath ritual or when washing dishes, you can meditate. Take the time to focus on your breathing, while feeling the gentle flow of water while bathing or washing dishes.

2. While waiting
While waiting for your child to leave the classroom, or while waiting for friends and work relations, take the time to meditate. You need technology help this time. The meditation application in your gadget can support meditation. The soothing sounds of this meditation app help you focus on your breathing and meditation process. At least you can undergo a meditation process for three minutes in this way.

3. At Mealtime
Lunch or dinner time can also be used for meditation. Before eating a meal, in a sitting position, close your eyes and take a breather. Then open your eyes, and look at the dishes on the table. Smell the aroma of food and start chewing slowly. This method not only calms the mind but also prevents you from overeating. You tend to enjoy the food more relaxed when the mind and body relax.

For someone who is easy to forget, enhance memory and also concentration can be done by meditation. When meditates, the person has become accustomed to concentration and tries to focus his mind on one of the goals he wants to achieve.


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