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Posted by on Dec 6, 2017 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

2 Type of Effective Diet!

2 Type of Effective Diet!

Setting a diet or diet is one way that can be done to lose weight. Some scientists in the health field even claim that the diet has a major effect on the body. Even with the right diet and without exercise to a fitness center, fat in the body can fade quickly. Excess diet in losing weight to make a lot of people interested to try it. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to diet properly. In fact, many of them interpret the diet as a reduction in eating or even not eating at all. Below are two types of healthy diet that can be applied to lose weight in a healthy way.

1. Intermittent fasting the 5 2 diet

Intermittent fasting the 5 2 diet is one of the diet methods that began to be done by many people. Diet with this type has the concept of eating time restrictions that are done every day. Usually, someone who does intermittent fasting never does breakfast in the morning and only eats in the afternoon or afternoon. The concept of eating time restrictions eventually results in a time of eating and fasting time. Meals usually range from 4-8 hours each day. If you start eating at 12 noon, then your meal will run until 8 pm. This cycle can alternate every day or week. If this week you take a 6-hour meal, then the next week can take a 4-hour meal. Oh yes, you are also advised to fast for 24 hours a week as well as exercise to the gym so that the body does not experience a plateau. The symptoms of plateau will make the weight reluctant to go down even though the method used is correct. Your body has started to adapt to the diet so that things will not be responded properly.

2. Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a diet method that is done with time restrictions on eating. The trick, a person lose weight by eating lots of fat in large quantities, a protein with a medium amount, and carbohydrates with a very little amount. In this diet, various rice and other carbohydrates are the enemies that should be avoided as much as possible, including various foods and sweet drinks. A person who does ketogenic diet can eat high protein foods such as various meats. In addition, they are also required to consume lots of healthy fats such as cheese, olive oil, and some other healthy fatty ingredients. Beginning this diet, someone will experience keto flu (body limp and want to vomit) that can be neutralized by drinking salt water. This effect will disappear 1-2 weeks after the body can adapt.

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